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AT & T meets and works with Hamak Company - Taiwan on solar energy application in shrimp farming Currently, most of the models from agriculture, industry and fishery are applied modern science and technology. This not only improves labor produc... Read
AT & T wins tender package for shrimp farming project of Vietnam - Russia Tropical Center, South Branch The Vietnam-Russia Tropical Center is a multi-sectoral tropical multi-disciplinary scientific and technological research institution established on... Read
Opening of representative office in Tra Vinh - Industrial shrimp culture equipment system After a period of operation and building prestige with many products in the field of aquatic products, on July 22, 1818, A.T & T Trading Co., L... Read
AT & T won the tender package for HDPE tarpaulin for Binh Dinh province Salt production has long been a profession associated with the lives of people in the South Central provinces. However, the chorus of "losing the p... Read
AT & T wins contract for waste treatment project in Dak To District (KonTum province) Tan Canh has long been a place famous for its wartime battles, a source of power for Vietnamese generations, especially ethnic people in Kon Tum pr... Read
AT & T Sponsors the 15th Science & Technology Conference at HCMC Polytechnic University On the morning of October 20, 1977, the 15th Science & Technology Conference was held at Ho Chi Minh City Polytechnic University. The Science ... Read
VL Television - Soft embankment - Model of river bank erosion control in rainy season One of the effective ways to prevent river bank erosion is to use a sandbag made of geotextile material to prevent abrasion. Advantages of soft emb... Read
AT & T won two packages "pond lining net" in Kien Giang province On 24/5/2017, Kien Giang Agricultural Extension Center held the opening ceremony with the package No. 11.12 Grid, pond lining. - Aquaculture 6 Sea ... Read
AT & T won the contract of covering the top of sanitary landfill # 1 - Hoa Phu - Vinh Long On 03/07/2017 Vinh Long Public Works Joint Stock Company announces the result of selection of contractor for construction and installation package ... Read
AT & T finances the Urban and Industrial Environment Conference in the Central Region - Central Highlands in 2017 In the morning of 07/07/2017, the Conference on Urban Environment and Industrial Park in Central Vietnam - Central Highlands was held in Tam Ky cit... Read
Vinh Long television reported on Soft Rock soft embankment AT & T Company Limited has coordinated with the Irrigation Department of Vinh Long Province to carry out the work of reinforcing the landslide ... Read
AT & T Attends Asia-Pacific Distributor Meeting of Naue in Malaysia - Honored for "Best Case Study" Naue (Germany) is one of the world's leading companies in geotechnical engineering. With a wide range of products, European quality standards, and ... Read
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