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Waterproof and resistant to GCL waterproofing, Bentofix® GCL Bentofix® waterproofing membrane is designed with many advantages to replace natural clay (CCL) or Bentonite (BES) soil with high cost and ... Read
Anti-cracking concrete Asphalt by GlasGrid fiberglass Geomagnetic fiberglass lattice is a very durable material that is less than 90% carbon fiber and is strictly controlled during the initial fiber py... Read
Bi-Fold Door In the HUFCOR range, the BI-FOLD DOOR is a unique product that extends creativity to interior designers. Suitable for restaurants, hotels, bars, ou... Read
Anti-landslide (Soft Rock) Soft embankment technology using geotechnical materials in recent years is getting more and more attention from the professionals in order to gradu... Read