New events
AT & T meets and works with Hamak Company - Taiwan on solar energy application in shrimp farming
Currently, most of the models from agriculture, industry and fishery are applied modern science and technology. This not only improves labor produc...
10:58:28 14/11/2018 Read

New constructions
Implementing CNC shrimp farming project on floating pond of Minh Phu Group - Loc An, Ba Ria Vung Tau
Minh Phu Seafood Corporation is the first company in Vietnam to receive the Global Gap standard for shrimp farming and other international standard...
11:25:00 23/09/2018 Read
New materials
Waterproof and resistant to GCL waterproofing, Bentofix®
GCL Bentofix® waterproofing membrane is designed with many advantages to replace natural clay (CCL) or Bentonite (BES) soil with high cost and ...
12:45:36 05/12/2017 read