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Geomagnetic fiberglass lattice is a very durable material that is less than 90% carbon fiber and is strictly controlled during the initial fiber pyrolysis.

At present, fiberglass mesh is widely used in aviation, industry and especially traffic. Optimal fiberglass for strength, stiffness, lightness and crack resistance at high temperatures.

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In recent years, the quality of asphalt concrete has improved considerably, with a number of advanced materials and textures. However, the reality is that many projects have seen a significant percentage of pavement damage at the start of the operation. Forms of damage mainly focus on bucket, skid fracture and wheelbase of asphalt concrete. To date, there are no accurate statistics on the rates and causes of these common types of damage.

The GLASGRID GLASSWORK GLASSWORK technology promises to be a comprehensive solution to cracks in asphalt concrete surfaces in the near future.

Construction Guide:

Một số công trình đã ứng dụng lưới địa cốt sợi thủy tinh GlasGrid trên thế giới:

GLASGRID is a product of Adfors of the Saint-Gobain Group (France). By 2015, the Saint-Gobain Group celebrates its 350th anniversary. Saint-Gobain is one of the Top 100 Global Innovators for 5 consecutive years (from 2010) voted by Thomson Reuters. Saint-Gobain's ambition is to be "pioneers in the field of building construction and housing; design, manufacture and distribution of building materials; Providing innovative solutions to meet the growing needs of developing countries, at the same time, saving energy and protecting the environment in the most effective way. "

For more information, please visit: http://www.glasgrid.vn/

Or call 0907.447.539 (Mr Tuan) for specific advice.

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