19/01/2022 | 08:16:47
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24/05/2018 02:11:34

AT & T Company Limited has coordinated with the Irrigation Department of Vinh Long Province to carry out the work of reinforcing the landslide on Long Ho River, passing through Long Phuoc commune by means of soft rock embankment.

The Soft Rock soft embankment is made by permanent melaleuca pavement, then the sandbag is sewn by geotextile in the form of a stepped tread. When the height of the sandbags is equal to the road surface, it will be covered with a layer of soil and grass for protection.

Soft rock soft rock is the advanced solution with fast execution time, cost saving, long-term efficiency and especially friendly environment. In some provinces - the Mekong Delta has applied this technology and showed high efficiency of landslide response.