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GlasGrid® CGL is a composite lattice composed of high-strength glass fibers bonded to a lightweight polyester nonwoven geotextile (~ 35 g / m2).
This fiberglass reinforced geotextile has high hardness because each fiberglass is coated with a special polymer layer to create a durable bond between the asphalt layers. This lightweight geotextile works as a link and optimizes asphalt on the fabric surface.
GlasGrid® CGL can be applied directly on uneven ground surfaces without a flat layer.
This complete pavement reinforcement system can be used for lane expansion, partial or full repairs.
This product enhances asphalt, slows down the cracking process and increases the life of the pavement by up to 300%.
Apply quickly and effectively.
100/5000 Non-woven fabric helps to optimize the amount of asphalt concrete.
Good adhesion on uneven surface.
High traffic flexibility - Easy to cut
Prolong the life of the road bed up to 300%.
Reduce maintenance costs.
Enhances the resilience of the asphalt surface.
For more information, please visit http://www.glasgrid.vn/
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