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Made from non-woven geotextile fabric, sewn with a special machine, the outside is covered with a layer of fiber cloth to protect the bag against harmful agents from the environment.
The geotextile is particularly durable for use in coastal protection applications.
Geotextile can be used to form soft dike structures, seabed embankments, breakwater embankments, erosion protection of offshore structures, etc.
Geotechnical welds with high surface roughness, high elongation, good penetration resistance, the surface is coated with a layer of UV-resistant fiber cloth, increase the resistance to abrasion against destructive agents. from environment.
Effective holes on the fabric are good filtering ability, the sheath surface allows the growth of the vegetation on it helps to create a longer layer of protection, the cloth is sewn with only and specialized machines, the intensity of the joints are very large
These advantages are clearly superior to other types of geotextiles made from woven fabrics with low elongation, low surface friction and low filtration capacity. With all these advantages, the nonwoven geotextile offers high performance and long service life, perfectly suited for coastal protection applications.
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