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Made from non-woven geotextile fabric, sewn with a special machine, the outside is covered with a layer of fiber cloth to protect the bag against harmful agents from the environment.
Special technical seal for durability in coastal and riverbank applications.
The geotextile can be used to soften along river banks, as the core of the route, or use to form soft dike structures, groynes along the coast, protection against erosion of the foot of offshore structures, etc.
High-friction, high elongation, good penetration resistance, the outer surface is coated with a layer of UV-resistant fiber cloth, increasing the resistance to abrasion against destructive agents. from environment.
The effective holes of the Fabrics are well filtered, the sheath surface allows the growth of the vegetation on it to create a long lasting sheath, Dedicated machines should have high tensile strength of joints.
These advantages are clearly superior to other types of technical fabrics made from woven fabrics with low elongation, low friction surface and low filtration capacity. With all these advantages, the Nonwoven Technical Envelope delivers high performance and long service life, perfectly suited for erosion protection applications.
For more information please visit http://www.softrock.vn/
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