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GCL Bentofix® waterproofing membrane is manufactured with two layers of outer material, two layers of geotextile, and Bentonite core with high swelling properties.
GCL Bentofix® waterproofing membrane is widely used in many applications such as capping, waterproofing for waste landfills, lining of reservoirs, application in canals, dams, pipes waterproofing, basement waterproofing of buildings, etc.
Double-layered, durable geotextile fabric protects the Bentonite core to ensure long-term performance of GCL.
The bentonite layer in the core with the best quality, has high expansion properties to ensure self-sealing, waterproofing safe for any unexpected technical risks.
With flexible geometry flexibility, GCL can adjust the length according to the deformation such as the uneven ground settlement.
Single strands are fastened to the needle by means of a needle-sharp, high shear resistance and outstanding slip resistance.
The reinforcement fibers also prevent horizontal movement of bentonite to create long-term stability for GCL.
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